Andrew Place pharmacy Bundoora

NDSS Sub-Agent


We are pleased to announce that our pharmacy is now a NDSS (National Diabetes Scheme Service) sub-agent. People with diabetes can register with the NDSS through our pharmacy and once registered they can access a range of Government approved products including:

  • subsidised testing strips for checking blood glucose;
  • free insulin syringes and pen-needles (if you require insulin);
  • subsidised insulin pump consumables for eligible Registrants; and
  • urine testing strips.
Vu Phan

Author: Vu Phan

I am an Australian registered pharmacist. My qualifications are: - Bachelor of pharmacy - Consultant pharmacist (member of Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacist) - Diploma of Business management - NLP practitioner. I have been practicing as a pharmacist since 1992 and I have a special interest in helping people to live a healthy life through health awareness and appropriate management of their medicines and medical conditions.

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