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Managing asthma in children


Medicines for managing your child’s asthma

  • Do you suffer from asthma?
  • Do you have children with asthma?
  • Did you know that 50% of people living with asthma do not take their medicines as they should?
Please watch the video below:

 Asthma facts

Over 2 million Australians have asthma – about 1 in 10 adults and about 1 in 8 children.

In young children, asthma is one of the most common causes of visits to the doctor and hospital admissions, and the most common reason why children miss school .

More boys than girls have asthma, but after about age 15 it’s more common in women than men.

Around 8% of kids with asthma live with someone who smokes inside the house.

Hospital visits for asthma peak in February and May for children, and in winter for adults.

Managment of asthma is possible

Managing your child’s asthma is possible by using

  • the right medicine
  •  in the correct manner or technique
  •  at the right time
 Understand your child’s asthma medicines is important
  • Do you know the differences between a reliever or a preventer medicines?
  • What about inhaler that combine different medicines to relieve, prevent and/or control symptoms?
Proper inhaler technique is vital
  • Poor technique may mean that your child gets little or no medicine where it is required
  • Asthma inhalers are not the easiest thing to use for a child. Therefore a spacer is often recommended (see video below on how to use a spacer). Side effects such as thrust in the mouth and irritation in the throat can be prevented by using a spacer.

Do you know what to do when your child have an asthma attack?

Is your child’s school “asthma friendly”?

Any questions?
  •  Come in and ask our friendly pharmacists.

Kids with Asthma website :

How to use an inhaler and spacer for kids (by National Asthma Council Australia)

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