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Dose Administration Aid (DAA) service


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Dose Administration Aid (DAA) service

  • Have you ever forgotten to take one of your medicines?
  • Do you accidentally missed dose?
  • Do you sometimes feel confused about which of your medicines should be taking at what time?

Please watch the slide show below:

What are the benefits of a Dose Administration Aid service?

  • Provide a visual reminder to take medicines
  • Seal and secure to prevent spills or mix ups
  • Convenient and portable
  • Allow you to have the right dose at the right time
  • Reduce the stress of you having to manage too many medicines and it saves you time and effort
  • Most importantly you have the professional service from your pharmacist caring for your health.

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Vu Phan

Author: Vu Phan

I am an Australian registered pharmacist. My qualifications are: - Bachelor of pharmacy - Consultant pharmacist (member of Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacist) - Diploma of Business management - NLP practitioner. I have been practicing as a pharmacist since 1992 and I have a special interest in helping people to live a healthy life through health awareness and appropriate management of their medicines and medical conditions.

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